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Special Notice

King County residents attempting to use the King Conservation District’s Supervisor #1 Election Ballot Request Portal on the morning of Friday, March 15, 2019, likely experienced issues with successfully completing their submission. Those voters were subsequently directed to submit their ballot request by email or phone.

This interruption was due to administration error on the part of Election Trust which resulted from a mis-configuration of the Election Trust Post Master account involving recent un-noticed changes to Microsoft’s email password management protocol.

Election Trust takes full responsibility for this service failure and sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience it caused voters.

Going forward, we do look forward to providing King Conservation District voters the election services and support they expect and deserve.

In the unlikely event that problems arise, please contact Election Trust directly at 866-429-9481 or online at help@electiontrust.com

John Bodin
General Manager
Election Trust LLC

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King Conservation District Native Plant Sale

Our new address is:

800 SW 39th St, Suite 150
Renton, WA  98057

At King Conservation District, we’re all about better ground. Better ground means taking important stewardship actions at home and in our communities to create healthy soil and water, to provide healthy food, and to conserve land, water, forests, wildlife and related natural resources. And you don’t have to go at it alone. You have a partner, your local conservation district.

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Healthy Soil
KUOW Spotlight
Bareroot Native Plant Sale
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2019 Board of Supervisors Elections & Appointments

King Conservation District is led by an all-volunteer, five-member Board of Supervisors. Three of those supervisors are elected by voters and two are appointed by the Washington Conservation Commission, an agency created to assist and guide the conservation district activities in Washington State. Each Supervisor has a term that lasts three years.

This spring, there is one seat opening on KCD’s Board. KCD will hold an election to fill Seat #1 in spring 2019. Click learn more for voter information.

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