Seattle Community Partnership Grants 2018

King Conservation District’s Seattle Community Partnership Grant Program funds projects that incorporate both natural resource improvement and environmental equity goals. The program advances the City of Seattle’s Equity and Environment Initiative and KCD’s natural resource priorities by funding projects that build community awareness about environmental issues, manage stormwater with green infrastructure, protect and restore water bodies, … Continued

Puget Sound Orca Recovery Day

The Southern Resident Killer Whales that call Puget Sound home are critically endangered. In the past few months alone, two of our local orcas died from a combination of malnutrition, polluted waters, and stress from local boat traffic. The local population is down to only 74 orcas. We must act now if we’re going to … Continued

Reflections of a Growing Season

Hillside Paradise Parking Plots Community Garden, Kent The inaugural season of World Relief and Hillside Church’s community food garden was a huge success with 20 countries represented in the 50 available plots (most measuring 10 feet by 17 feet). Throughout the season, gardeners gathered for classes on trellis building, composting and seed saving along with … Continued

Director Bea Covington is the Northwest Area District Manager of the Year

The Executive Director of King Conservation District, Bea Covington, has been awarded the Northwest Area District Manager of the Year award by the Washington State Conservation Commission. Ms. Covington distinguished herself through her leadership and willingness to commit King Conservation District resources to further the work of the Puget Sound Conservation District Caucus. Bea orchestrated … Continued

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