Cascara – Native Plant Sale Spotlight

Cascara Rhamnus purshiana Cascara is a small tree or shrub, with a distinct silver-grey bark. It is common to find this plant underneath Big Leaf Maple (see Pierce CD ethnobotanical guide) along with Red Alder and Vine Maple trees. The tree has strong medicinal properties and is a valuable food source for wildlife. Traditionally the … Continued

KUOW Spotlight – 2019 Native Bareroot Plant Sale

Every year, over 60,000 plants are sold at the King Conservation District (KCD) annual Native Bareroot Plant Sale. On your own, buying gorgeous plants at a discount might not seem revolutionary, but over the years your individual purchases add up to a collective action of hundreds-of-thousands of native plantings. Together, these native plants benefit our … Continued

Salmonberry – Native Plant Sale Spotlight

Salmonberry Rubus spectabilis We often miss observing the interconnected relationships that make up our complex environment. Try tapping into your listening skills, instead of using a calendar to heed the start of spring this year. Referred to as the “salmonberry bird” by many Native American nations in this region, the song of the Swainson’s Thrush … Continued

KUOW Spotlight – Regional Food System Grant Program

King Conservation District’s Regional Food System Program links producers with consumers and serves as a catalyst for making local food production environmentally and economically sustainable. The program funds projects that contribute to the economic viability of local farmers, encourage new farmers, expand acreage in food production, improve food access, and increase demand for King County … Continued

2018 KCD Regional Food System Program Grant Awards

KCD’s Board of Supervisors awarded $755,631 in 2018 KCD Regional Food System Grants to the following organizations. Applicant Organization Project Title Grant Request City of Seattle, Office of Sustainability and Environment Increasing Fresh Bucks Business Capacity and Customer Access in King County $25,000 PCC Farmland Trust Working Farmland Partnership Pilot Project $99,810 Living Well Kent … Continued

Mirrormont: A Model Fire-Adapted Community

Photo Credit: Wayne Elson The Mirrormont Community, nestled in the trees of Tiger Mountain’s southwestern foothills, completed a community wildfire protection plan (CWPP) in 2015 with help from Washington State Department of Natural Resources (WA DNR) and King County’s Department of Natural Resources and Parks (DNRP). As part of implementing this community plan, KCD’s Rural … Continued

KCD WCC Crews Help Restore Healthy Streams and Habitat

KCD’s restoration Washington Conservation Corps (WCC) crews hit the ground running last month. These hearty crewmembers will play a crucial role in restoring and protecting healthy streamside habitat over their year of service. Their hard work clearing noxious weeds and planting resilient natives helps improve habitat and the health of our watersheds. If you’re interested … Continued

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