Native Plant Syrup Spotlights – Birch and Maple

What is sweet that Big Leaf Maple and Paper Birch trees have in common?         Syrup!   Paper Birch Betula papyrifera commutata  The bark of this tree is orange-brown to white and papery with self-peeling strips of bark and occasional black scars. Paper birch prefers sunny, rich, moist, sandy soils along streams, lakes and natural openings Check out … Continued

Davidson’s Penstemon – Native Plant Sale Spotlight

Davidson’s Penstemon Penstemon davidsonii An often overlooked native perennial flower? Not anymore! Introducing penstemons of which there are 270 species that range form Alaska to southern Guatemala. This variety from the Figwort family (Scrophulariacaeae) can tolerate harsh conditions with a short growing season. This variety needs lose sandy to gravelly soil with really good drainage and prefers sun, … Continued

Lower Green River Corridor Flood Hazard Management Plan Public Comment Period

Proposed Alternatives for the Lower Green River Corridor Flood Hazard Management Plan King County Flood Control District is preparing a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS), which will analyze alternatives for flood protection that could be included in the Plan. The PEIS describes potential environmental impacts and measures to reduce or eliminate them. Because each alternative … Continued

Salal – Native Plant Sale Spotlight

Salal Gaultheria shallon This plant is seemingly ubiquitous in urban, suburban, and rural environments for a few reasons. Salal grows well in partial shade and well drained soils, is deer resistant and considered fire resistant. This leathery-leaved shrub prefers partial shade, and dry well drained soils. Bell-shaped flowers bloom March to June, and are visited by bumblebees. … Continued

KUOW Spotlight – Mt. Adams Institute for Veterans

KCD partners with the Mt. Adams Institute to sponsor veterans through their VetWorks Environmental Program. This program offers military veterans an eleven-month career development internship in the natural resources management, public lands, and environment sector. KCD placements have gained working knowledge in farm-services, forestry, and riparian restoration among other things. This valuable training offers Mt. … Continued

Uprising Seeds Available for KCD Community Agriculture Projects

Uprising Seeds is a small, family run seed farm in Whatcom County. Brian and Chrystine have been operating for eleven growing seasons as a retail seed company after previously growing vegetables for direct market consumers. They provide local, non-GMO, certified organic, open-pollinated seeds for flowers, herbs and vegetables. Whether you consider yourself a green thumb … Continued

KCD Farm Planners’ Almanac

Subscribe to KCD Farm Planners’ Almanac * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name Email Format html text View previous campaigns. Did you know that KCD has a quarterly newsletter just for rural landowners and livestock owners? KCD Farm Planners’ Almanac gives in-depth tips and reminders on both solstices and equinoxes. This new list … Continued

Thimbleberry – Native Plant Sale Spotlight

Thimbleberry Rubus parviflorus What is the best berry for when nature calls? A  backpacker’s favorite, Rubus parviflorus has soft, large leaves useful as emergency toilet paper. Thimbleberry loves open sites and sun. The fruits are edible, with an interesting texture and great flavor. Some people regard them as their favorite native berry to eat. Delicious … Continued

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