Serviceberry – Native Plant Sale Spotlight

Serviceberry Amelanchier alnifolia Serviceberry has many names. For example, Amelanchier alnifolia , is also called saskatoon or juneberry. Serviceberry prefers soils that range from dry to moist. The roots spreads via underground runners. It has large, white, fragrant flowers with five petals. The edible berries are sweet, purple fruits. Although they look similar to blueberries they … Continued

2019 Board of Supervisors Candidate Statement – Mark Sollitto

MARK SOLLITTO CONSERVATION EXPERIENCE AND RESULTS EDUCATION Bachelor of Arts Gonzaga University Masters of Public Administration Seattle University EXPERIENCE 30 years of successful conservation experience at King County. Six years as North Bend City Council member. Lead the Council in protecting the Tollgate Farm. On behalf of the City, I chaired the 39 member Snohomish … Continued

2019 Board of Supervisors Candidate Statement – Rachel Molloy

Rachel Molloy is dedicated to ensuring our farmlands, communities, and natural resources are maintained and supported. She believes that a focus on resiliency and adaptation, accessibility of quality vetted information, effective resource deployment, efficiency, and conservation of resources can safeguard and future-proof lands in King County. She brings with her over 20 years of experience … Continued

2019 Board of Supervisors Candidate Statement – Karen Howe

I’m interested in joining the King Conservation Board because I believe in public service and want to make a difference in the lives of King County residents. Our County’s character is evolving, and it would be tremendously exciting to be part of this formative process. I have professional experience in developing data-driven, actionable recommendations within … Continued

2019 Board of Supervisors Candidate Statement – Kirstin Haugen

King Conservation District is an invaluable community asset, stewarding our natural resources. But much has changed since 1939 when it was first conceptualized. We must do even more to confront climate change, dwindling salmon populations, and polluted rivers and streams. Unfortunately, KCD is limited by structural issues: Equity KCD is funded by a flat, per … Continued

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