Where the Water Begins Presenter Spotlight: John Bethel

John Bethel, a Licensed Geologist and Engineering Geologist in Washington State, will be presenting at King Conservation District’s August Where the Water Begins workshop about the geological features relevant to marine beach and bluff homeowners of the Puget sound region. John received his Bachelor’s in Geology in 1977 and Master’s in Forest Soils in 1982. … Continued

KCD Community Agriculture Conservation Resource Guide

Schools, individuals, non-profits, and places of worship, can all expand access to healthy food and teach important natural resource stewardship in the urban landscape. Along with providing a much-needed source of healthy, locally-grown food, urban gardens provide a wide range of benefits including soil, air, and water quality improvement; stormwater management; increased aesthetics; education and … Continued

King Conservation District to Hold Public Hearings on Proposed Plan of Work

King Conservation District (KCD) has spent the last year working with stakeholders to develop a proposed plan of work to take the organization beyond its current program of work, which expires at the end of 2019. Partner organizations, cities and community leaders have helped craft this proposed plan of work through KCD’s Advisory Committee. Notice … Continued

Kirkland Twilight Tour shows off KCD/Lake Washington Christian Church shoreline restoration partnership

As if on cue, a bald eagle soared overhead during a recent Twilight Tour at Lake Washington Christian Church, where community members, Earth Corps and King Conservation District (KCD) have worked over the past 10 years to transform a blackberry infestation into a wildlife sanctuary. Presented by KCD Resource Planner Ashley Allan, and church members … Continued

Intensive Rotational Grazing Field Day

Visit Wild Canary Farm (formerly K-T Cattle Company) to learn how KCD Board Supervisor Jim Haack and his wife Katie raise Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Grass Fed beef with intensive rotational grazing. They will highlight pasture health best management practices and KCD will demonstrate equipment available to farmers and landowners. $10 per person includes … Continued

Where the Water Begins Presenter Spotlight: Kollin Higgins

Ask Kollin about his favorite marine animal and you may be surprised to learn it’s not the salmon he spends his time protecting but rather the unassuming ratfish, with its large front teeth and beautiful swimming technique. Kollin Higgins, Senior Ecologist for King County Department of Natural Resources, will be presenting at King Conservation District’s … Continued

Mercer Island Students Help Enhance Pine Creek

Students from the City of Mercer Island VOICE Program volunteered their time to support a KCD Urban Shoreline project in Sammamish. The students carefully laid out cardboard and mulch around young native plants along Pine Lake Creek to suppress the tall grasses and help retain moisture. They learned about the many functions of native plant … Continued

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