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Customer Survey
Farm Plan Services Survey Results

How satisfied are our clients with our farm plan services?  What opinions do people have about King CD and how would they rate their interactions with our staff?  These are just a few of the questions we hoped to answer with a recent survey conducted by the WSU Division of Governmental Studies and Services.  The survey included people who had used our farm plan services (e.g., farm planning, site visits, manure spreader, soil testing) between spring 2007 and fall 2009.  Approximately 400 people were contacted and over a third responded.  We were very pleased to find that the feedback was extremely positive.  In fact, 99% of respondents said they would recommend King CD to friends, neighbor, or colleagues!

Responses to questions regarding impressions of King CD and the services we provide were especially positive. The average score on each of these questions was between Excellent and Good, with the most positive rankings given for Employee Courtesy, Plan Presentation and Staff Site Visit. Here’s a sample of just a few of the comments:

“Everyone I've met is friendly, patient and, helpful. Thank you - couldn't do it without you. I was initially a skeptic but am now a fan.”

“Staff have been wonderful, dedicated and enthusiastic.”

“Good luck on funding.  Hope y'all survive this downturn and keep doing what you do.  Thanks for your help.”

“I have really felt honored to be able to get to know your representatives.” 

The survey included questions about communication and awareness (website, newsletter, etc.); services obtained; and customer service and satisfaction. Participants were also asked what they see as the critical issues facing King County residents that King CD should address. The top critical issue raised was land use planning impacts and protection of agricultural land. People expressed concerns about growing restrictions on flood-prone acreage, inability to use our land fully due to Critical Area Ordinance and intrusion of suburban development. The second most common were issues related to water quality, erosion and mud management. Comments here included recommendations for King CD to continue helping farmers restore streamside habitat, provide mud management for livestock and reasonable flood control.

While the results of the survey were overwhelmingly positive, we still found areas where we could make move from Good to Excellent.  We’ve already made steps to improve our farm plan documents with a new format that we hope will be more user-friendly.  We are continually looking for ways to improve.  We may do this survey again, so if you are asked to participate, we hope you will!

The King CD farm planning group completes approximately 100 farm plans a year.  Approximately 180-200 people contact us for farm planning services every year.  Approx 60% of those result in a farm plan.  Others take advantage of our other services such as using our manure spreader, soil testing program, and site visits.