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Board of Supervisors Elections and Appointments

Serving on the KCD Board of Supervisors

Do you have a passion for local food, healthy forests, and clean water? Do you enjoy volunteerism and contributing to your community? Since 1949, The King Conservation District has helped the citizens of King County steward their natural resources.

The King Conservation District is led by an all-volunteer, five-member Board of Supervisors. Three of those supervisors are elected by voters and two are appointed by the Washington Conservation Commission, an agency created to assist and guide the conservation district activities in Washington State. Each Supervisor has a term that lasts three years. 

Serving on the Board of Supervisors takes commitment and time. The Board meets a minimum of once per month and helps set policy and direction. Regular board meetings take place at 5pm on the second Monday of every month. Additional participation in Special Board Meetings or Committee Meetings is often part of a board position. Board members spend about ten hours a month supporting and guiding KCD.

Who is eligible to run for election or appointment to the KCD Board of Supervisors?

To apply for the open position on KCD’s Board of Supervisors, you must first meet the following requirements:

In addition to the requirements above, all applicants must submit the proper application forms to the King Conservation District by the candidate filing deadline.

2018 Elections and Appointments

The 2018 election and appointment cycle has closed. More information about the elected and appointed candidates for the 2018 cycle will be coming soon. If you have questions, please contact the Elections Coordinator by phone at: 425-282-1914 or by email here.

Need more information?

Published elections procedures can be viewed at the KCD Office and are also available from the Washington Conservation Commission.

Please contact the KCD Office at 425-282-1899 if you have any questions. Or contact Election Supervisor, Ava Souza, at 425-282-1920.

Elecciones y Nombramientos
para la Junta de Supervisores:

¿Dónde puedo encontrar más información?

Puede ver publicaciones de procedimientos electorales en la oficina del KCD y también están disponibles por el Washington Conservation Commission.

Si tiene más preguntas, por favor contactar la oficina de KCD al 425-282-1900; o contactar a la Supervisora de Elecciones, Ava Souza, al 425-282-1920.