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King Conservation District Staff

kcd staff staff adam jackson

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Adam Jackson, Resource Specialist II

Adam Jackson has worked with the King Conservation District as a Resource Specialist since January, 2009.  During his time with King CD, Adam has worked with several programs including the Volunteer Program, Aquatic Area Enhancement Program and Native Plant Nursery.  Adam has worked in the environmental field since graduating from Seattle University in 2005.  He started working with the Washington Conservation Corps (WCC) through AmeriCorps and the Department of Ecology.  With the WCC, Adam gained a vast knowledge in restoration techniques and natural resource management.  Upon completing two years with WCC, Adam worked for a private restoration contractor and a local parks department before coming to KCD.  Adam enjoys working with his colleagues and landowners to help protect and restore natural resources in King County.  Outside of work Adam enjoys hiking, camping and snowboarding with his wife and dog.

kcd staff amy holmes

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Alex Martinsons, Landowner Incentive Program Assistant

Alex joined KCD in the fall of 2016 to assist Rachel Konrady, Landowner Incentive Program Manager, with increased demand for cost-share funding to implement stewardship practices. Alex grew up in the Midwest and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BA in Political Science & History. He moved to Seattle in 2010 and earned an MPA from the UW Evans School of Public Affairs with a focus on environmental policy. Outside of the KCD office, Alex enjoys rock climbing, skiing, and backpacking throughout the Pacific Northwest.

kcd staff ann horner

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Ann Horner, Project Assistant I

Ann Horner joined the King Conservation District as a Project Assistant in the spring of 2016, after working for a private landscaping company for 6 months. Previously, she served with the Washington Conservation Corps for a year, performing habitat restoration. Ann also served with the Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa, assisting with the Conservation District which encompasses Saint Paul.  Ann has a B.Sc. in Biology with an emphasis on Plant Science, and is currently enrolled in the University of Washington’s Wetland Science and Management program. She loves gardening, reading, and exploring the outdoors. Ann is excited to bring her passion for conservation to the KCD!

kcd staff ava souza

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Ava Souza, Director of Operations, Finance & Human Resources

Ava Souza joined the King Conservation District in 2011. Serving as a member of the senior management team Ava manages District Operations, Human Resources and Finance. She oversees logistical and operational duties in a wide variety of program areas including human resources, budgeting, information technology, property management, procurement, grants and projects. She oversees the day-to-day operations of the district, and operations staff, as well as manages a robust budget that spans over multiple programs, while developing and directing programs designed to meet the needs of the district, constituents, staff, Board and appropriate district and federal laws and related initiatives. In addition she serves as the Public Information Officer for the district. With over 16 years of experience her professional career includes leadership and management roles in large and international companies, while holding a Bachelors degree in Business Management and a graduate level certifications in Project Management  and  also being a Lean Six Sigma Certified Green Belt, both accreditations from the University of Washington as well as being a certified Life Coach. She is known best for her enthusiastic can-do attitude and passion for sharing best practices with like minded individuals; who are interested in self-discovery, reflection, expanded consciousness and broadening perspectives stating that “Human Resources is not only about compliance and regulation but about leveraging human capital to make the most of a company’s strategic plan; who we are and how we present, both on a personal level and professional level allow us to grow learn, share and motivate those around us in positive way to seek change and deliver results”. She most recently broadened her scope of work by partnering with the Washington State Conservation Commission as well as other Conservation Districts in the areas of Human Resources Initiatives and training curriculums.

kcd staff ben axt

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Bea Covington, Executive Director

Bea Covington joined KCD as its Executive Director in October, 2016.  Bea is an agricultural and natural resource economist with over 25 years’ experience in public policy, project and nonprofit management, impact analysis, monitoring and evaluation, and participatory community development.

A native of Virginia, Bea fell in love with the Pacific Northwest as a result of frequent trips to ride in the Seattle to Portland (STP) cycling event while in graduate school at the University of Florida.  She’s been working her way westward ever since and finally arrived in Seattle in 2012.

Bea has developed and facilitated numerous stakeholder-driven processes to foster constructive engagement, proactive planning and collaboration to address sensitive environmental issues and allow for sustainable business development.  The goal of these efforts are approaches that address the “triple bottom line.”  

Bea has led efforts focused on public process design, civic engagement, conflict management, consensus building, and collaborative problem solving for professionals from municipal governments, state and federal regulatory agencies, private sector and citizen and conservation organizations. She specializes in the use of participatory research methods and has developed stakeholder engagement and community relations plans for extractive industries both domestically and abroad.

Bea’s work as a natural resource economist has focused on regulatory impact assessment, natural resource and ecosystems services valuation and farming systems analyses.  Before joining KCD, Bea served as a Senior Stabilization Advisor and Team Lead with USAID- Afghanistan.  There, she developed and applied a methodology to track the impact of over $200 million in stabilization spending and created a tool that was used to assess stability conditions and gauge the impact of program interventions across 35 districts.

As an advisor to the US Army and US Marine Corps, Bea provided training and mentoring to military units on communication, stakeholder engagement, and the design and effective use of program interventions to stabilize communities in conflict environments.  

Closer to home, Bea has worked on projects in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska.  Bea holds Masters degrees in Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics and Agricultural Education and Communication and is proficient in both French and Modern Standard Arabic.  When she’s not leading the team at KCD, Bea can be found learning to fly fish with her husband John and searching for an adorable Corgi puppy to bring home.

kcd staff ben axt

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Ben Axt, Agricultural Drainage Project Coordinator

A graduate in Forest Science & Ecology from University of Wisconsin, Ben worked with the US Fish & Wildlife Service as a North American Wetlands Conservation Biologist, and held positions with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and National Park Service. More recently he served as a restoration ecologist at the Institute for Applied Ecology in Corvallis. Ben brings a background in conservation partnership, construction project management, and administration that are a perfect match for our dynamic new Agricultural Drainage Program.

kcd staff brandy reed

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Brandy Reed, Interagency Director Conservation Projects and Education Programs

Brandy Reed joined the King Conservation District in 1996.  She serves as the District’s Senior Program Manager for Intergovernmental Coordination and oversees the Natural Resource Management Implementation and Education programs.  Brandy offers nearly three decades of dedication and experience in natural resource management and education, as well as a deep commitment to management of financial and staff resources in fiscally challenging environments.  Brandy is an experienced habitat enhancement practitioner with professional experience in botany; forest health monitoring, inventory and analysis; and environmental education for adult and youth audiences. As part of the District’s management team, Brandy supervises and coordinates the duties and activities of the District’s talented and committed education and field staff who assist land managers with protecting and enhancing soil and water resources and fish and wildlife habitat.  Her education includes a BS in Outdoor Education and Environmental Interpretation and a Masters in Environmental and Science Education, both from Western Washington University.

Courtney Naumann
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Courtney Naumann, Resource Planner

Courtney joined the KCD Resource Planning Team in June, 2016. She is a graduate of Colorado State University, with a Natural Resources Bachelor of Science degree and a concentration in Environmental Communication, with minors in Ecological Restoration and International Development. Courtney spent each summer in farming communities in northern Montana, giving her a love for open space and working landscapes. Prior to joining KCD, she worked with The Nature Conservancy, Warner College of Natural Resources, Center for Collaborative Conservation, the City of Fort Collins, and multiple non-profit organizations. Outside of conservation work and navigating winding King County roads, Courtney enjoys avidly reading, climbing, finding her favorite ethnic restaurants, trying her hand at tasks that get her hands and boots muddy, and exploring the nooks and crannies of Seattle by following her natural inclination to get lost, always.

Debbie Meisinger
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Debbie Meisinger, Aquatic Areas Resource Specialist II

Debbie Meisinger is a returning veteran of the King Conservation District, having served as a Project Specialist from 2001-2008. She rejoins the staff in 2016 after a whirlwind series of adventures took her to faraway lands and recently back to Washington. Debbie’s current position at the District involves working as an Aquatic Areas Specialist, planning and implementing marine and freshwater shoreline enhancement projects. Debbie got her start in the environmental field as an Americorps member with Seattle based non-profit, Earthcorps immediately out of college. In addition to her time spent at KCD, Debbie has also worked as a microbiologist and chemist in an environmental lab, a restoration ecologist for a private forestry company, a residential gardener, and as an apprentice in blacksmithing and medicinal herb farming. Her education includes a BS degree in Biology and Environmental Studies from Ohio University, certification in Wetland Science and Management from the University of Washington, River Restoration Professional Certification from Portland State University and has obtained ISA certified Arborist credentials. When not trampling through fields and forests for work, Debbie enjoys quality indoor time, designing quilt patterns and making medicinal herb potions while binge-watching television programs.

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Deirdre Grace, Community Engagement Manager

Deirdre Grace joined the King Conservation District in May of 2013.  Deirdre has worked with northwest stakeholders to improve community and natural environments for over 20 years.  Her experience spans ensuring diverse voices were included in research at the US DOE Hanford Nuclear Reservation, delivering on the City of Seattle’s commitments to neighborhood improvements while meeting Growth Management mandates, and helping Puget Sound cities increase their recycling rates.  She holds a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Affairs and a Bachelors in Writing from the University of New Mexico.  When Deirdre is not collaborating with KCD’s partners in natural resource conservation, she enjoys being entertained by the chickens on her Vashon Island farm, cooking, and road trips with her husband and son

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Emmett Wild, Resource Planner

Emmett Wild joined the King Conservation District in August 2015 as a Resource Planner.  He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Science with a minor in Environmental Policy from Western Washington University. His prior work includes wildlife rehabilitation, plant restoration, and endangered waterfowl breeding biology studies. Emmett has been involved in 4-H since 1998, first as a member and later as a leader.  He is a licensed poultry judge and mentors youth raising livestock throughout the state.

Contact Jacob de Guzman
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Jacob de Guzman, Habitat Restoration Project Coordinator

Jacob began a 10-month term of service in October, 2016, as a Washington Service Corps Individual Placement. As part of the KCD part of the KCD Implementation Team, he will coordinate habitat restoration projects and volunteer events. Jacob earned a BS degree from the Huxley College of the Environment and has a minor in Environmental Education. Before joining KCD, he served as a WCC Crew Member with Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, helping restore riparian habitat on public and private land. Jacob also worked for the National Park Service as a Biological Science Technician, and the Western Washington University Office of Sustainability as Program Coordinator.

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Jacobus Saperstein, Conservation Projects and Bare Root Plant Sale

Jacobus Saperstein, Resource Specialist II, has been with the King Conservation District since April 2008.  Jacobus brings thirteen years of experience and effort towards restoring healthy rivers and forests of the Puget Sound. His primary responsibilities at the District are planning and implementing restoration projects and managing the annual bareroot plant sale.  Degrees in Environmental Studies and Biology from the University of Oregon kick-started his call towards improving the land we live and depend on.  At the District, Jacobus enjoys running volunteer planting projects and inspiring landowners to protect and enhance their streams almost as much as throwing his boomerangs or backpacking through the Cascade Mountains.

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Jay Mirro, Senior Resource Planner

Jay Mirro has served the people and resources of King County as a resource planner since 2000. He has visited hundreds of farms and has written over 300 farm plans. Jay has practical expertise on conservation practices and enjoys helping landowners meet their goals while protecting the environment -- "saving the world, one farm at a time." He grew up in rural New Jersey, working on horse and llama farms, and then studied Livestock and Range Management at the University of Idaho. Jay and his family recently purchased a 34-acre farm in Maple Valley. He looks forward to practicing what he preaches and looks forward to being on his first farm tour. When not working on his own or other farms, Jay enjoys remodeling his home, reading, travel, playing with his two boys, gardening and hiking.

Contact Jessica
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Jessica Saavedra, Grant Program Manager

Jessica Saavedra has managed the Member Jurisdiction and WRIA Grant Programs at the King Conservation District since March 2007. Jessica has a Bachelors degree in Environmental Studies and Spanish and graduate level education in the fields of Public Administration, Urban Planning, and Facilitation and Negotiation. She is an experienced program manager responsible for tracking millions of dollars in grant funding with a successful track record of liaising with local governments, nonprofits, and watershed groups on natural resource conservation issues. On an annual basis, Jessica manages more than 100 grant contracts and works with applicants such as cities, agencies, and organizations to move more than 50 applications through the grant review and approval process. As a result of the changing funding environment, Jessica has expanded her role at the District to include helping the organization find alternative funding sources. She has also been a participant and representative of the District at three regional watershed forum groups and enjoys volunteering as a Master Gardener.

Contact Joshua
Phone: 425-282-1903
Email: Joshua Monaghan

Josh Monaghan, Director of Food and Farm Programs

Joshua Monaghan has been with the King Conservation District for over 17 years and currently serves as Senior Program Manager for Planning and Strategic Initiative Programs. He is an experienced conservation planner, leads a team of talented conservation planners who assist farmers and landowners in their efforts to understand natural resource issues and get conservation solutions on the ground to steward their natural resources - water, soils, fish and wildlife and more, and works with partners to balance natural resources protection with economic viability of local, working lands. Josh maintains several professional certifications, including Certified Crop Adviser (ASA), Conservation Planner, and Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan Writer Certification (ISU). He holds a BA in Sustainable Agriculture from Hampshire College, and was recognized as Northwest Employee of the year in 2009 by the Washington Association of Conservation Districts. In recent years, Josh has worked on several successful statewide efforts to improve training coordination and overall professionalism of District employees, and has supported some significant District-level projects, including an administrative staff restructuring, project-based budgeting overhaul, and implementation of a Rates and Charges funding system.

Contact Kristen
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Kristen Reichardt, K-12 Program Development Coordinator

Kristen joined the King Conservation District in October 2014. Her work centers mostly on coordinating and delivering K-12 youth stormwater education throughout King County and developing KCD’s new Urban Shoreline landowner education program. In 2012, she received a B.S. in Environmental Management & Protection with a minor in Anthropology and Geography from Cal Poly State University in California. In her free time, Kristen tries to stay in the mountains as much as possible, whether mountain biking, trail running or skiing.

Contact Liz
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Liz Clark, Planning Assistant & Boise Creek Educational Outreach Program Coordinator

Elizabeth Clark is our Planning Assistant. She works with the farm planning team and administers the Manure Spreader, Hay Probe, and Broadcast Spreader Loan programs. She also is working on revamping the Manure Share program. In 2014, Liz served as an Educational Outreach Assistant on the Boise Creek Community Project on educating landowners in the Boise Creek Watershed area of southeast King County where she worked with former KCD employee Sofia Gidlund to launch the Stream Steward program. A true Washington native, Liz grew up in Normandy Park and attended Western Washington University, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Art with a concentration on Graphic Design and Illustration. Liz and her husband owned a small farm in Hobart, WA before moving to the Osceola/Boise Creek area of Enumclaw. They and their son, live on 10 acres, which is enrolled in the Farmland Preservation Program. They own horses, goats, sheep and chickens, and grow hay. Liz has been a strong advocate for KCD programs and also has worked closely with Alayne Blickle of Horses For Clean Water for the past 20+ years doing web site mangement, documentation publishing and social networking.

Contact Mary Embleton
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Mary Embleton, KCD Regional Food System Grant Program Manager, Resource Planner

Mary began working with the King Conservation District in late Fall 2015 as the new KCD Regional Food System Grant Program Manager.  Mary came to us from Cascade Harvest Coalition, a non-profit which she founded and directed since 1999. She brings more than three decades of passion, experience and expertise in natural resource management, agricultural economics, and food system development.  In her new position, Mary will coordinate the KCD Regional Food System Grant Programincluding Strategic Initiatives and Food System Grants, with the goals of making an enduring contribution toward strengthening King County's food economy.  Mary’s education includes a BS in Political Economy of Natural Resources from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MS in Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics from Montana State University, Bozeman.  Outside of work, Mary enjoys hiking the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with her two labs, Libby and Wiley, and photography.

Matt Maria

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Mark Musick, Communications Coordinator

Mark grew up on the shores of Puget Sound and worked in the Puyallup Valley berry harvest as a young boy. In 1974 he was one of the founders of the regional Tilth movement and farmed for ten years in Snohomish County. After moving to Seattle he developed the farm-direct buying program for Larry’s Markets, coordinated the farm program at the Place Market, and developed resource conservation programs for the City of Seattle.

Currently he edits the monthly KCD Newsletter and assists with social media and program marketing. Mark lives on Vashon Island with his wife Terry and continues to be actively involved with the local and regional agricultural community.


Matt Maria

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Matt Maria, Grants Coordinator

Matt Maria joined the King Conservation District in December of 2016 to coordinate grants for the District Operations. He was a lead at Bradner Gardens Park P-Patch, organizing food bank deliveries and caring for fruit trees with the City Fruit orchard stewards. He has been a board member at City Fruit, serving as Secretary and advising on education and conservation issues. Matt has worked with the Regional Food Policy Council subcommittee on food access, evaluating regional comprehensive plans. As an advocate for sustainable land management, he has informed urban agriculture policy for the City of Seattle, analyzed regional food production and consumption with the American Farmland Trust, and led both policy and restoration teams with People for Puget Sound.

Matt graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s in Political Science focusing on communications and the environment. He then served as a Peace Corps Volunteer supporting sustainable agriculture and community based resource management in Tanzania and The Gambia. In the Peace Corps Matt wrote and collaborated on grants for youth fruit tree nursery programs, improved animal husbandry projects, and HIV/AIDS education. He also led workshops and training sessions on grant writing. He earned a Master of Science degree from the University of Washington’s School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, where he studied agricultural ecology while coordinating program operations for the UW Department of Laboratory Medicine. As an administrator for Laboratory Medicine Matt worked with Principal Investigators to identify and complete grant applications as well as manage awards for both Federal and non-Federal funding.

The cultural resonance and fantastic ecosystems of Cascadia drive Matt to improve the relationship between people and their environments. Outside of work, Matt heads out on his bike or canoe, fishing pole in tow, searching out the Pacific Northwest’s most perfect streams.

Contact Melissa
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Email: Melissa (Lang) Tatro

Melissa (Lang) Tatro,Outreach Coordinator

Melissa joined KCD staff in 2014 as Outreach Coordinator and works to help communicate KCD’s programs and services to our constituents through meeting with state and local legislators. She can also be found at farmers markets talking to folks about KCD and her passion for sustainable agriculture. After 30 years of edible gardening, Melissa bought a small hobby farm in rural Kent where she raises 21 chickens, 3 pigs, 4 honey bee hives and cultivates a small orchard and a large blueberry patch. Melissa spent 12 years working for Highline School District as an educator and later a project manager facilitating trainings for state and federal student testing requirements. Most recently, Melissa worked at Nordstrom Studio N as a community relations consultant. When not farming, Melissa loves to re-purpose found objects and has developed quick driving reflexes in order to stop quickly when she finds a vintage treasure along the side of the road.

Contact Michael
Phone: 425-282-1928
Email: Michael Lasecki

Michael Lasecki, Rural Forest Health Mgmt. Program Coordinator

A transplant from the Midwest, Mike joins KCD after serving as a forest ranger in Kentucky where he led a wildland fire crew and helped landowners steward their private forests. He comes with varied professional experiences in vegetable farming, ecological restoration, and forestry. Mike graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2010 with a BA in Conservation Biology and History.  He has been a dedicated public servant and community volunteer since high school and is excited to put down roots in and serve the communities of King County.

Contact Nikki
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Nikki Wolf, Volunteer Programs Coordinator

Nikki Wolf has worked with the King Conservation District since October 2012. Her first year was spent restoring riparian areas with the KCD Washington Conservation Corps (WCC) Restoration Crew. The next year, Nikki stayed on as the WCC Education Programs Coordinator Intern coordinating the WA State Envirothon, Climate Change & Horse Keeping Conference, Land & Water Stewardship Workshop Series, farm tours, and special topic classes. Nikki is currently working as the Volunteer Programs Coordinator & Conservation Projects Assistant. In 2012, she received a B.S in Environmental Science and a B.A. in Environmental Policy from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. When not working at KCD, Nikki enjoys volunteering with other local environmental groups and spending time outdoors.

Contact Paul
Phone: 425-282-1904
Email: Paul Borne

Paul Borne, CREP and Education Programs

Paul Borne has been a Resource Specialist with the King Conservation District since 2001. He coordinates the District’s participation in K-12 education programs as well as serves as the face of the District at environmental festivals and events, staffing the District table and distributing materials about the District’s programs and services. He also assists in planning farm tours and coordinates the District’s backyard habitat enhancement program Carpentry for Critters. Paul holds a BS in Biology and Environmental Science from Rice University and a certificate in Wetlands Science from the University of Washington. When Paul is not sharing the need for individual stewardship, Paul is an avid birder.

Contact Rachel
Phone: 425-282-1907
Email: Rachel Konrady

Rachel Konrady, LIP Cost-Share Lead

Rachel Konrady joined the King Conservation District as its Landowner Incentive Program Lead and a Volunteer Program Administer in the Fall of 2012. She has three years of environmental restoration field experience and helped the Washington Conservation Corps achieve the 2012 King Conservation District Rock Award for Service as a crew supervisor. Rachel further strengthened her Washington-specific ecology knowledge with a degree from University of Washington in Conservation Biology. When not working on conservation, Rachel enjoys biking, hiking, and putting food by during the bounty of harvest of our lovely state.

Contact Shanna
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Email: Shanna Hobbs

Shanna Hobbs, Operations Project Coordinator

Shanna first got involved with the District as a member of KCD’s Washington Conservation Corps Crew in the fall of 2013. She worked as part of a team to install and maintain native riparian buffers throughout King County. After a small break, she returned to the District, using her knowledge and passion for conservation to help with support for lots of different programs. Prior to working with KCD, Shanna was part of a habitat restoration crew with the National Park Service at Pinnacles National Park in California. There, she worked hard to remove and control invasive plant species. In 2010, she obtained a B.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz. When she is not at work Shanna enjoys exploring beautiful Washington State, volunteering as a Native Plant Steward, and taking apart her computer.

Contact Stacie
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Email: Stacie Powers

Stacie Powers, KCD Education Program Coordinator

Stacie joined KCD in the fall of 2016 as a Washington Conservation Corps Individual Placement intern. As KCD Education Program Coordinator, she will organize workshops, farm tours, and youth environmental outreach programs, such as the Envirothon. Originally from New Hampshire, Stacie graduated from UNH with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Conservation & Sustainability. She has conducted forest inventories for the Forest Service, and monitored invasive species for the Nature Conservancy. Prior to joining KCD, Stacie worked with the Okanogan Conservation District as a soil health technician.