The King Conservation District’s 2018 Program of Work was developed in consultation with the KCD Advisory Committee. The implementation plan is organized in the following areas:

  • Rural Small Lot Forest Health Management
  • Urban Forest Health Management
  • Regional Food System
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Rural Agriculture
  • Shorelines and Riparian Habitat
  • Landowner Incentive Program
  • Community Engagement & Member Jurisdiction Grants

Below is a link to the King Conservation District’s 2018 proposal to the Metropolitan King County Council:

2018 KCD Program of Work (PDF)

Archived Program Documents

2017 KCD Program of Work (PDF)
2016 KCD Program of Work (PDF)
KCD 5 Year Implementation Plan (PDF)
2014 King Conservation District Annual Report (PDF)
KCD Support Letters (PDF)
FCS Rates & Charges Study (PDF)
2015 Advisory Committee KCD Draft Scoping Document (PDF)
Advisory Committee Tiemline (PDF)
Focus Area Fact Sheet – Overview (PDF)
Focus Area Fact Sheet – Forestry (PDF)
Focus Area Fact Sheet – Regional Food (PDF)
Focus Area Fact Sheet – Rural Agriculture (PDF)
Focus Area Fact Sheet – Community Agriculture (PDF)
Focus Area Fact Sheet – Shorelines (PDF)
Advisory Committee Contact List