Assessing Wildlife Damage in Your Forest

Deer, and to a lesser degree elk, are commonly seen in King County, especially in areas with tree cover and suitable forage, or food sources. Unfortunately, landscaping, gardens, young tree and shrub seedlings are common targets for deer and elk and their presence can impact landscaping and restoration efforts by damaging or killing desirable vegetation. … Continued

Fencing Considerations for Horses

Alayne Blickle, creator and director of Horses For Clean Water, highlights some of the options available for installing fencing for horses, from perimeter fencing for security to temporary fencing for rotational grazing, and all of the options in between. If you are interested in finding out if cost-share assistance for fencing projects is available to … Continued

Forest Education Opportunities

Forest Stewardship Coached Planning Learn how to write your own Forest Stewardship Plan by taking a course that teaches landowners about forest health and management topics. The course includes: Eight evening class sessions taught by the state’s recognized experts A Saturday field trip A large notebook of reference materials and how-to guides A copy of … Continued

Presenter Spotlight: Kristen McCune

Ask Kristen what she did over the weekend and you’ll almost always hear a story of adventure deep in the backcountry via mountain biking, trail running or ski touring. It’s what fuels her passion for protecting these outdoor spaces and what inspires her work in natural resource conservation. Kristen McCune joined King Conservation District in … Continued

Where the Water Begins Materials

The following are resources covered and mentioned in the Where The Water Begins workshops. Supplemental materials are also included. Some links are to external sites or downloads. Where the Water Begins – Biographies Where the Land Meets Water – KCD Vegetation Management – Elliott Menasche Living Near the Edge of Puget Sound Technical Reports Puget … Continued

Where the Water Begins Presenter Spotlight: John Bethel

John Bethel, a Licensed Geologist and Engineering Geologist in Washington State, will be presenting at King Conservation District’s August Where the Water Begins workshop about the geological features relevant to marine beach and bluff homeowners of the Puget sound region. John received his Bachelor’s in Geology in 1977 and Master’s in Forest Soils in 1982. … Continued

Kirkland Twilight Tour shows off KCD/Lake Washington Christian Church shoreline restoration partnership

As if on cue, a bald eagle soared overhead during a recent Twilight Tour at Lake Washington Christian Church, where community members, Earth Corps and King Conservation District (KCD) have worked over the past 10 years to transform a blackberry infestation into a wildlife sanctuary. Presented by KCD Resource Planner Ashley Allan, and church members … Continued

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