Fall 2016 Stream Stewards Gathering

It’s time for a Stream Steward gathering again. Gather with your fellow Stream Stewards and share your recent experiences out in the field. We will also discuss what some of your needs and goals are while participating in the Stream Steward program. We are looking to offer some advanced topic training this winter, and potentially … Continued

Cell Phone Microscope

This was sent to us from Jeanne Dorn. Thought you guys might like it! Art in Pond Scum Sally Warring, a biologist, isn’t afraid of getting her hands wet. She collects water samples from New York’s murkiest waters and examines the colorful life within them.

Freshwater Mussels!

Did you know that there are freshwater mussels in King County streams and rivers? You can find an identification card about Freshwater Mussels in KCD’s Stream Stewards binders. For more information about freshwater mussels, visit the following external links: King County Environment: Animals, Plants and Habitat, Freshwater Mussels in King County, Washington Freshwater Mussels Pacific … Continued

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