Fall 2016 Stream Stewards Gathering

It’s time for a Stream Steward gathering again. Gather with your fellow Stream Stewards and share your recent experiences out in the field. We will also discuss what some of your needs and goals are while participating in the Stream Steward program. We are looking to offer some advanced topic training this winter, and potentially … Continued

February 2016 Stream Steward Training

It’s that time of year. Time to start recruiting new Stream Stewards to join our great group of volunteers. Current Stream Stewards, if you are interested in volunteering to help train the new folks, please RSVP at the EventBrite link: http://kcdstreamstewardtrainingfeb2016.eventbrite.com/ Also, come get trained on how to use the new ProODO unit, to simplify … Continued

Webinar for Stream Assessment

This Webinar may be of interest to Stream Stewards and potential Stream Stewards. Title: Using the Stream Visual Assessment Protocol 2 What will you learn? This presentation will introduce participants to the Stream Visual Assessment Protocol 2 (SVAP2), covering the assessment of 16 elements as they relate to potential resource concerns. learn more here… Who … Continued

What’s Bugging Boise Creek?

Stream bugs, also called benthic macroinvertebrates, live in or near the streambed and can be seen with the naked eye. These tiny spineless creatures are important indicators of stream health and play crucial roles in the stream ecosystem (adapted from pugetsoundstreambenthos.org). The King Conservation District (KCD) Stream Steward program welcomes Jo Wilhelm, Ecologist with the … Continued

Treatment Plant Tour

Please join your fellow Stream Stewards for a tour of the Enumclaw Wastewater Treatment Plant. Get a look behind the scenes of the plant that is outside the lab area. Find out about how Rick, Eric and Josh do their jobs and keep the outflow from the plant into Boise Creek as clean as possible. This … Continued

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