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Charting a New Course for
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Conservation Task Force & Conservation Panel Outcomes

Drawing BoardOn April 1, 2013 the King County Executive and King Conservation District Board of Supervisors signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a multi-jurisdictional stakeholder Task Force to evaluate strategies for achieving local conservation goals. Specific objective included:

kcd meetingThe process was structured with two components—a King County/King Conservation District Task Force composed of jurisdiction senior policy staff and rural representatives, and a separate Conservation Panel of elected officials.  A roster of Conservation Task Force and Conservation Panel Members is attached.
From April 8 through October 23, 2013, the Conservation Panel met four times and the Task Force met eight times.      In addition, a Grants Subcommittee met twice to develop a streamlined jurisdictional grant application and process recommendations. During the course of the meetings  the Conservation Panel and Task Force met all of the objectives listed in their charter and reached consensus on a set of policy and program recommendations for consideration by the KCD Board of Supervisors and the King County Executive and Council. There were no minority reports.

The Conservation Panel and Task Force submitted their final recommendations on December 31st.  The roundtable process represented an unprecedented level of collaboration and teamwork across regional agencies and municipalities to understand the challenges facing private landowners and the role of voluntary stewardship in today’s environmental landscape.
The participants ultimately produced four brief white papers that outlined shared concerns regarding the King Conservation District’s operations and policies and the recommended paths toward resolving those concerns.

Areas of concern included:

In addition, after presentations and discussion regarding potential  programs and their  impact on voluntary conservation stewardship, participants produced six brief white papers outlining discrete programs that could address current unmet conservation needs in King County in the following general categories:

Implementation of many recommendations has begun.  As of mid-January 2014 King Conservation District:

The King Conservation District values its regional partners and looks forward to 2014 as a year of renewed commitments to shared environmental stewardship.  We are actively pursuing multiple opportunities to leverage resources and work together toward shared goals across the Puget Sound region.

For a copy of the final Conservation Task Force report contact Deirdre Grace, King Conservation District Community Relations Manager, at 425-282-1902, or email:

Conservation Task Force Members
Alison Bennett, Policy Program Manager
City of Bellevue Utilities
Deanna Dawson, Executive Director
Sound Cities Association
Siri Erickson-Brown, Farmer
Local Roots Farm
King County Agriculture Commission Member

Mark Isaacson, Division Director
King County Dept of Natural Resources & Parks
Bobbi Lindemulder
Rural At-Large
Scott MacColl, Intergovernmental Relations
City of Shoreline
Kathy Minsch, Regional Liaison        
Seattle Public Utilities
Eric Nelson, Supervisor
King Conservation District

Mike Reed, Legislative Lead Analyst
King County Council
Carolyn Robertson, Gov Relations Manager
City of Auburn
Dick Ryon, Commissioner
King County Rural Forest Commission
Nicole Sanders, Associate Planner
City of Snoqualmie
Christie True, Director
King County Dept of Natural Resources & Parks

Conservation Panel Members
Jim Berger, Mayor
City of Carnation
Richard Conlin
Seattle City Councilmember
Don Davidson
Bellevue City Councilmember
Reagan Dunn
King County Councilmember
Chris Eggen, Deputy Mayor
City of Shoreline
Fred Jarrett, Deputy Executive
King County
Kate Kruller
City of Tukwila Councilmember
Kathy Lambert
King County Council Councilmember
Kit Ledbetter, Supervisor
King Conservation District
Max Prinsen, Supervisor
King Conservation District
John Stokes
Bellevue City Councilmember


Notes 8-28-2013 (PDF)
Notes 8-14-2013 (PDF)
Notes 7-24-2013 (PDF)
Notes 7-17-2013 (PDF)
Notes 7-10-2013 (PDF)
Notes 6-12-2013 (PDF)
Notes 5-15-2013 (PDF)
Notes 5-8-2013 (PDF)


KCD/KC Conservation Panel and Task force Common Set of Recommendations Final Report
Product Brainstorm of Potential KCD Programs
Criteria 2013-08-14 (PDF)
Regional Unmet Needs Green-Yellow Dot Tallies 7-24-13 (Excel)
Regional Currently Available Services Green-Yellow Dot Tallies 7-24-13 (Excel)
Product Interests Concerns (PDF)
Product Inventory Current Services KCDCP 2013-07-24 (PDF)
Product Mision Objectives
Product Stakeholder Concerns 2013-06-13
Product Unmet Service Needs KCDCP 2013-07-24 (PDF)
Product Worksheet Inventory Filled (PDF)
Product Worksheet of Unmet Needs Filled In (PDF)


Presentation KCD Overview (PDF)
Task Force information. (PDF)


For more information, please Deirdre Grace
by phone at (425) 282-1902 or by email at