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King Conservation District
Member Jurisdiction Grant Program

The King Conservation District awards grants for projects that directly improve the condition of natural resources, provide education and outreach to increase awareness, build capacity to enhance implementation of natural resource improvement projects and implement pilot or demonstration projects.

To apply for a grant through this program, an applicant's proposal must be sponsored by one or more of the 35 local jurisdictions that are members of the King Conservation District.

For Grant Applicants

2016 KCD Grant Subcommittee Schedule and Application Deadlines - Updated!

Member Jurisdiction Grant Program

Pilot Grant Application
Application Budget and Project Tracking Workbook (MS Excel) - NEW!
Application Instructions, Program Overview & Policies

KCD Seattle Community Partnership Grant Program

2015 Grant Recipients
Project Suggestions and City Contact Info.
Application Guidance for the 2015 KCD-Seattle Grant Round
Letter of Intent Template
Grant Budget Example
Application and Budget Example
Sample Grant Application Form
2014 Seattle Grants Awarded

For Grant Recipients

Application Instructions, Program Overview & Policies

Reporting Forms

Application Budget and Project Tracking Workbook - NEW! INCLUDES PROGRESS REPORT
(MS Excel Format)
Reimbursement Request Form
(MS Excel Format)
KCD-WRIA Forum Grant Progress Report
(MS Word Format)
KCD-WRIA Forum Grant Expense Report
(MS Excel Format)
Expense Report Detail/Itemization Form
(MS Word Format)
Final Narrative Report –MJ Grant
Final Narrative Report –WRIA Grant

Amendment Forms

Amendment Request Cover
Amendment Request Budget
Amendment Request Scope of Work

Grant Award Summaries

Grants Awarded

2015 Grants (combined list) NEW!
2014 Grants (combined list)
2013 Grants (combined list)
2012 Grants (combined list)
2011 Grants (combined list)
2010 Grants (combined list)
2009 Grants (combined list)
2008 Grants (combined list)
1998-2007 Watershed Forum Grants
1994-2007 Member Jurisdiction Grants

Grant Award News

City and Council District Fact Sheets
Parr Creek Riparian Enhancement Project

For more information, contact Jessica Saavedra
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