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Connecting Local Institutional Buyers to Local Farms and Food!

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What is LIFT?
A partner network leveraging existing resources and support for institutional buyers and producers by providing technical assistance to purchasers looking to source local products for their institutions and helping farmers reach success in these markets. Our core advisors and partner organizations work collaboratively to enhance the sustainability of the regional food system by increasing the amount of local food served in King County schools, hospitals, colleges and other institutions.

Who is LIFT?
King County regional organizational partners that support farm to institution projects and programs. Our team consists of core technical advisors as well as partner organizations with resources to support Farm to Institution efforts.
Our core advisors include:

Why Create LIFT?
Repeated regional studies have shown that purchasers default to traditional supply streams for products without support to find local food available at the scale, consistency and cost they desire. With a team of technical advisors, purchasers at King County institutions can connect directly to a person able to help them reach their local procurement goals. To learn more, visit these following studies: Recommendations of the King County Farms and Food Roundtable, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Farm to Institution Project, King County Public Health Farm-to-Preschool Report, Puget Sound Regional Food Council Report, and The King County Local Food Initiative)

Who benefits from LIFT?

How do I support LIFT?
We are so glad you asked! If you would like to know more information or to see if your organization is a good fit to work with this team, please contact our project managers below.

Funding provided by KCD Regional Food System Program

Project Managers:
Katie Lynd, Food System Planner:
Deirdre Grace, King Conservation District: