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Farm Management Planning.
Sustaining Productivity on Agricultural Lands

A Farm Management Plan is a document developed jointly by the King Conservation District and the farm owner.  The Farm Plan includes actions the farm owner can take to achieve their land use goals while protecting water and other natural resources. The  planning process takes into consideration the size of the farm, type of soils, slope of the land, proximity to streams or water bodies, type of livestock or crops, resources such as machinery or buildings and available finances.

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The District Farm Planner looks at changes that can be made to improve farm productivity and reduce impacts on natural resources. Some examples include streamside fencing, gutters and downspouts, composting manure, pasture renovation, weed management techniques, creating sacrifice areas, cross fencing and pasture rotation of livestock. The Farm Planner can also offer technical assistance on questions such as what grasses to plant, how to build a fence and when to mow.

Once the farm owner has decided which changes they’d like to make on their property, they work with the Farm Planner to set a tentative implementation schedule. Revisions of the schedule and the plan can be made as the goals and needs of the farm owner change.

A Farm Plan may help a livestock owner meet the requirements of the King County Livestock Management Ordinance. The ordinance requires livestock owners in King County to meet certain management standards to improve the health of the environment. Additional information may be found on the King County Livestock Programs web page.

All aspects of the farm planning service provided by the District are free of charge and without obligation. The District is a non-regulatory, non-enforcement agency.

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