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Farm Management Services

Farm Management Planning
Whether you're a livestock owner or a crop producer, King Conservation District technicians can help you develop a plan that will meet your land use goals and protect the natural resources on your property. This service is offered free of charge.

King County Livestock Ordinance
The 1994 Livestock Management Ordinance guides various aspects of livestock keeping in King County, including animal densities, the placement of confinement areas and the protection of water quality and water resources.

Soil Testing
Soil nutrient testing can help guide the application of compost and fertilizer, allowing you to optimize plant uptake and minimize water pollution.

Equipment Loan Services
The King Conservation Disrict has several pieces of farm equipment available for loan. Click on one of the following links to learn more:
Manure Spreader
Hay Probe
Poultry Processing Equipment

KCD Agricultural Drainage Program
The King Conservation District is developing a comprehensive set of services to assist landowners with maintaining and improving agricultural drainage systems.

Dairy Nutrient Management Planning
The King Conservation District provides nutrient management planning assistance to the licensed dairies in King County, helping them comply with the requirements of the 1998 Dairy Nutrient Management Act and Concentrated Animal Feed Operation regulations. Please contact Emmett Wild for additional information 425-282-1932.

Manure Match
Through Manure Match, landowners who have more manure or compost than they can use on their own property can connect with other landowners seeking a source of nutrients and organic matter for their gardens, pastures and crops.