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Shoreline and Riparian Habitat Enhancement Services

Wetland Plant Cooperative
The Wetland Plant Cooperative is a source of native plants and can provide assistance on designing and installing stream, wetland, estuarine and other habitat enhancement projects.

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
Agricultural property owners interested in protecting and enhancing fish habitat can participate in a federally funded land rental program that compensates lost production based on a “soil rental rate” and provides up to 100% of the funding needed to plant a stream buffer.

Fish Barrier Replacement Program
King Conservation District assists family forest landowners to participate in the Family Forest Fish Passage Program, which provides funding to replace road culverts and other stream barriers that prevent fish from reaching upstream habitats.

Urban Shorelines & Riparian Habitat Improvement Services
KCD can help urban landowners enhance and restore aquatic shorelines on their property. Our program helps control invasive plant species and promotes establishment of native trees and shrubs.