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King Conservation District Grant Program
2015 Seattle Community Partnership Grant Awards

The King Conservation District awards grants for projects that directly enhance natural resources, provide education and outreach to increase public awareness, build capacity for natural resource improvement projects, and implement pilot or demonstration projects across King County.
In 2015, KCD awarded $1,163,355 in grants to more than 30 public agencies and nonprofit organizations. The KCD grants were leveraged by more than $3,500,000 in matching funds.

In partnership with the City of Seattle, $383,665 in grants were awarded for community projects in Seattle that meet mutual natural resource improvement goals.

Below is a list of the funded organizations with brief descriptions of their projects. Please contact Jessica Saavedra (425) 282-1906, with any questions about these projects.

Adopt-A-Stream Foundation - Thornton Creek Streamkeepers Rain Garden Program     $35,000
Improve the quality of stormwater runoff that drains into Thornton Creek by expanding awareness of water quality problems and low impact development solutions, such as rain gardens and native riparian landscapes. For more information contact Les Meade, 425-316-8592,

Beacon Food Forest- Beacon Food Forest Stewardship Education Series     32,681
Learn about caring for the land and the community with urban stewardship techniques. Lessons include rehabilitating soils and wetlands with native plants and how to grow and manage perennial forest food crops. For more information contact Melanie Coerver, 206-399-3880,

City Fruit - Right-of-Way to Mini-Orchard     $15,620
Enhance and steward underused or unmaintained rights-of-way (sidewalks, pathways, streets, and alleys or larger areas), including education and recruitment of community volunteers in food insecure locations. For more information contact Catherine Morrison, 360-602-1778,

Duwamish Tribal Services - Longhouse Upland Reforestation & Native Plant Restoration     $19,235
Reforest 5,800 sq ft of steep property in conjunction with work on adjacent City of Seattle properties while engaging the public and raising awareness of the Duwamish native culture and its relationship to the restored ecosystem. For more information contact Nancy Sackman, 206-431-1582,

Fauntleroy Watershed Council - Kilbourne Ravine Riparian & Buffer Project     $21,203
Achieve full forest restoration of the 2.5 acre ravine by eradicating invasive plants and replanting with natives. For more information contact Judy Pickens,

Little Red Hen Project - Delridge Learning Garden     $10,169
Convert an unproductive lawn to demonstrate urban agriculture practices to youth and the community. For more information contact Katie Kadwell, 206-409-8308,

Magnuson Community Center - Nature Education for All     $22,918
Provide a broad range of educational opportunities for underserved Seattle families and schools through 50 free 90-minute environmental education field trips in and around Magnuson Park. For more information contact Marc Hoffman, 206-684-7018,

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust - Discovery Park Parking Lot Restoration     $21,000
In partnership with Seattle Parks, the community will be engaged in clearing of invasive weeds and planting hundreds of native trees and shrubs. For more information contact Mackenzie Dolstad, 206-382-5565 X 29,

Seattle Parks Foundation - Cheasty Greenspace Education Signage    $34,689
Provide environmental education opportunities through creatively designed, tactile signage and learning modules throughout the greenspace. For more information contact Shava Lawson, 206-200-9669,

Seattle Parks Foundation - Yesler Swamp Restoration     $31,940
Restore 6 acres of wetlands along Lake Washington by planting native plants, hiring a wetland scientist to coordinate volunteers, and construct a viewing platform for environmental education and community access. For more information contact Carol Arnold, 206-200-9669,

Seattle Tilth - Urban Food Project     $40,000
Expand efforts to connect families with limited access to locally and sustainably grown produce. For more information contact Jenny Thacker, 206-633-0451 X 114,

Seward Park Audubon Center - Tenacious Roots: Youth Leadership for Conservation Action     $ 11,400
Empower young adults from low income/high poverty schools to build healthy urban forests in their neighborhoods and share their knowledge of how to protect and advocate for healthy habitats in their communities. For more information contact Kim Bowen, 206-652-2444,

Stewardship Partners - Eckstein Middle School Demonstration Rain Garden     $15,000
Install demonstration rain garden by de-paving 2,000 square feet of asphalt to capture runoff from surrounding pavement and reduce stormwater drainage into the sewer system. For more information contact Lisa Haglund, 206-292-9875,

The Common Acre - Creston-Duwamish Transmission Corridor Restoration & Nursery     $20,810
Implement pilot project with Seattle City Light, Alleycat Acres, and Friends of the Hill to increase native pollinator habitat in the transmission corridor with native plants. For more information contact Bob Redmond, 206-786-5715,
Stewardship Supplies Grants

Earth Corps - Duwamish Alive Stewardship Supplies     $7,000
Provide stewardship supplies, including cisterns for irrigation, mulch, tools, plants, and/or shovels for restoration plantings at various sites. For more information contact Sharon Leishman,

Forterra - Seattle's Tree Ambassadors/Releaf Program     $6,000
Provide stewardship supplies, such as pollinator-friendly plants for traffic triangles, ornamental grasses, native groundcovers, and other low maintenance plants for areas previously covered with weeds along roadways. For more information contact Andrea Mojzak, 206-905-6920,

City of Seattle - Good Food Program Orchards and Gardens     $16,000
Provide stewardship supplies for Seattle Park's orchards and gardens. For more information contact Belinda Chin, 206=615-1811,

City of Seattle - P-Patch Program Stewardship Supplies     $16,000
Provide stewardship supplies to maintain P-Patch sites, such as compost, hoses, seeds, and fertilizer. Partner with the King Conservation District to promote soil testing to P-Patch gardeners. For more information contact Rich Macdonald, 206-386-0088,

City of Seattle - Green Seattle Partnership Stewardship Supplies     $7,000
Provide stewardship supplies, including cisterns for irrigation, mulch, tools, plants, and/or shovels for restoration plantings at various sites. For more information contact Michael Yadrick, 206-615-1046,

For more information contact Melissa Tatro
by phone at (425) 282-1921
or email Melissa Tatro