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What is Hügelkultur?

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Hügelkultur: ‘Hügel’ mound + ‘kultur’ cultivation; Hügelkultur is the practice of mounding soil over materials which assist the soil in regenerating itself through increased water retention, the slow release of nutrients, habitat creation and complexity. The process in general involves building a mound of woody material (typically rotting wood of varying diameters) and covering with layers of organic material (often referred to as ‘green manure’), compost, and top soil. While this practice has grown in popularity over recent years, it has been used in various forms by European cultures dating back many centuries. Today Hügelkultur is being used in drier regions to retain water for growing crops and in challenging urban sites to regenerate soil and provide nutritious garden space for both perennial and annual food crops.

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Upcoming Hügelkultur Events


Event Info

July 1
Various Locations

KCD Staff has put together a self-guided tour of Hügelkultur sites across King County (and beyond). For more details click HERE.

July 13 - 16

KCD will be at the King County Fair in Enumclaw with our Hügelkultur display and activities for the whole family.

Hügelkultur Resources

Landscape Firms
Oasis Edible Naturescapes is a Permaculture design/build firm in Seattle.

Stone Soup Gardens is a full service edible landscaping company specializing in beautiful sustainable gardens, connecting folks to their environment and their food.

hugelkultur constructionLooking for woody debris and logs to create your own Hügelkultur mound?

Check out:
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