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Our state’s record fires underscore the fact that wildfires are an increasing threat across the region. Most of King County is at moderate risk, but with more people living in areas where forests and development come together (commonly referred to as the “wildland urban interface”) there’s increased risk to life and property from wildfires. Therefore, areas in the foothills and the west side of the Snoqualmie Valley are at high risk for wildfires.

Homeowners taking responsi­bility for wildfire safety actions to protect their property is what being “Firewise” is all about.

KCD Wildfire Services

King Conservation District has expanded its rural forest health management services to provide a range of wildfire prevention services to help homeowners and communities prepare for wildfire. This work is being done with funding through the KCD Working Lands Initiative (WLI) and in partnership with the King County Forestry Program.  The wildfire prevention services offered by KCD offers include the following:

Forest Fuels Reduction

Some of the basic Firewise principles are to thin dense trees and minimize woody debris to create healthier, more fire-resistantlandscapes. Here are some examples of projects we may be able to help with:

For information regarding KCD Wildfire Services, contact Jarret Griesemer or call 425-282-1953.

Firewise Project with Trilogy at Redmond Ridge Community

In mid-March, KCD’s Jarret Griesemer coordinated the installation of a wildfire risk reduction project with the Trilogy at Redmond Ridge community. Members of Trilogy’s Forest Stewardship Committee, alongside Olson Outdoor Improvements crew, helped remove dead brush from a stretch of forest close behind a row of homes along the edge of the community. This is the first of several projects planned with communities in King County that will lower the amount wildfire fuels within forests surrounding homes. These projects help to increase the likelihood that homes will survive a wildfire, should one occur.

Members of the Trilogy community not at all hesitant to help out!