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King Conservation District
Manure Spreader
Equipment Loan Program

King Conservation District has a two cubic yard compost spreader available for loan to landowners in the District’s service area.* The spreader is available for a $30/day or $80/weekend (Friday PM-Monday AM) fee that helps offset insurance and maintenance costs. Landowners are strongly encouraged to pick up the spreader at the KCD office in Renton. The spreader must be returned to the KCD office in Renton by noon and may be picked up the following day before 3pm. Users late to return the spreader will be charged for an additional day(s) of renting. KCD can deliver the spreader from KCD’s office for an additional fee of $2.00 per mile round-trip for the equipment, not to exceed $100 per use.

2017 Rental Fees
Per Day $30
Weekend (Friday PM-Monday AM) $80
Delivery fee $2/mile (not to exceed $100)

Landowners are required to fill out the Manure Application Risk Management (ARM) worksheet prior to immediately prior to using the district’s spreader. E-mail the completed worksheet to Please consult with your planner if you receive a medium-high or high risk result after completing the ARM worksheet. The worksheet can be found online at

Landowners with a current KCD Farm Conservation Plan may not need a nutrient management consultation prior to use of the spreader. However, a follow-up review of the Farm Conservation Plan will be conducted and landowners are still required to fill out the ARM worksheet before spreading. Visit our web site to learn more about Farm Management Planning services.

A KCD Resource Planning staff member will conduct a nutrient management consultation before delivery of the spreader to determine proper application rates. We strongly encourage landowners to have a recent soil test analysis available for review at the time of the consultation. Visit our website for more information about our Soil Testing Program.

It is recommended that landowners spread composted rather than raw manure. Nutrients in composted manure are more readily available for pasture grasses or crops and that reduces the risk of potential excess runoff. To learn more about composting manure, check out our Manure Management Fact Sheet on our website.

If you have questions about using the King Conservation District manure spreader, call 425-282-1901, or email:

*King Conservation District Service Area
The manure spreader is available for use by landowners in the King Conservation District service area, which includes 34 cities and all of unincorporated King County. The incorporated cities of Enumclaw, Federal Way, Skykomish, Milton, and Pacific are outside the District’s boundaries, but landowners in those communities may rent the manure spreader on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee. Use the form linked on the left to reserve the spreader.

Manure Spreader Fact Sheet

For more information, contact Emmett Wild
at 425-282-1932 or Email:
Emmett Wild