King Conservation District has a KASCO Eco-Drill KED-72 no-till seed drill available for loan to landowners in KCD’s service area.* The drill is available for free during the 2017 growing season and will cost $15 per acre plus $50/day beginning in the 2018 season to help offset insurance and maintenance costs. The seed drill is equipped with a large seed box and a legume seed box for effective multi-species planting.

Landowners are encouraged to pick up the drill at KCD’s Renton office or make arrangements for delivery between farmers. KCD can deliver for an additional fee of $2.00 per mile round-trip for the equipment, not to exceed $100.

Staff may conduct a crop/pasture management consultation upon delivery of the spreader to determine proper application rates. We strongly encourage landowners to have a recent soil test analysis available for review at the time of the consultation.

Staff will also educate the landowner about the important features and necessary care of the equipment. Landowners may also attend a seed drill training. Training dates will be announced. Use will be prioritized for landowners with documented seed drill experience or those who have attended a seed drill or tractor safety training. Seed drill users must have a minimum 30 horse power tractor with 2 rear hydraulic ports. KCD does not supply a tractor for use with any equipment.

For more details about how to use the seed drill, see the No-Till Seed Drill Loan Program Fact Sheet

Please click here to fill out the request form.

For more information about the no-till seed drill loan program, e-mail Kevin Watson or call 425-282-1952

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