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RhinoLimer Drop Spreader Loan Program

The RhinoLimer drop spreader is available for a $15/day or $40/weekend (Friday PM-Monday AM) fee. Landowners are strongly encouraged to pick up the spreader at the KCD office in Renton. The drop spreader has a 2" ball hitch. The spreader must be returned to the KCD office in Renton by noon and may be picked up the following day before 3pm. Users late to return the spreader will be charged for an additional day(s) of renting. KCD can deliver the spreader from KCD’s office for an additional fee of $2.00 per mile round-trip for the equipment, not to exceed $100 per use.

2017/2018 Rental Fees
Per Day $15
Weekend (Friday PM-Monday AM) - $40
Delivery fee - $2/mile (not to exceed $100)

Landowners with a current KCD Farm Conservation Plan may not need a nutrient management consultation prior to use of the spreader. However, a follow-up review of the Farm Conservation Plan may be conducted. Visit our web site to learn more about Farm Management Planning services.

We strongly encourage landowners to have a recent soil test analysis available for review before renting the equipment. Visit our website for more information about our Soil Testing Program.

If you have questions about using the King Conservation District Rhino Limer drop spreader, call 425-282-1932 or email:

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For more information about the RhinoLimer drop spreader loan program, e-mail Kevin Z Watson or
call 425-282-1932