Poultry Processing Equipment

Manure Spreader Equipment

Manure Spreader Equipment

Manure Spreader Equipment

Hay Probe
A hay probe is a sharpened tube that is used to take a representative sample of the forage in a bale of hay. The King Conservation District has a hay probe (also called a core sampler) available for loan at no charge! The hay probe is used to collect forage samples that can be sent to a laboratory for analysis. Knowing the nutrient composition of hay can help you match your feeding program to animal requirements or help with hay marketing.

Infrastructure Mapping Tool
In collaboration with King County and the Cascade Harvest Coalition, the King Conservation District has developed an easy-to-use online tool that farmers, cottage industry business owners, facility owners, and policy makers can access to expand opportunities for local food production in King County.

Local Institutional Food Team (LIFT)

Manure Spreader
The King Conservation District has a two-yard compost spreader available for loan to landowners in the District’s service area.* The spreader is available for a $50 fee to help offset delivery, insurance and maintenance costs.

No Till Drill
King Conservation District has a KASCO Eco-Drill KED-72 no-till seed drill available for loan to landowners in KCDs service area.

Poultry Processing Equipment (Rental)
The King Conservation District provides low-cost rental of equipment for small-scale producers to safely process poultry for home consumption, or to slaughter poultry for direct marketing with a WSDA permit. At this time no other poultry processing equipment is available for rent in King County. The KCD project helps producers fill the demand for locally-grown chicken, turkey, and other poultry.

Weed Wrench (loan)
Weed wrenches are available for use free of charge through King Conservation District.