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KCD Board Elections

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King Conservation District held an election for Seat #3 on the KCD Board of Supervisors. Voting ended February 14, 2023. Results can be found on the elections page.

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King Conservation District is a nonregulatory, special purpose district, funded by you, with a mission to promote the sustainable use of natural resources through voluntary stewardship in King County. We provide technical assistance to private residents in forest management, farm conservation planning, wildfire preparedness, and streamside and shoreline enhancement. We also work with cities and other organizations to support community gardens, urban forest canopy, and local food systems. You don’t have to go it alone, your local conservation district can help.

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Upcoming Events

Jun 22
Streamside Tour – Duwamish River
Duwamish Gardens Park - Duwamish Trail
Jun 24
Forest Tour – Redmond
Exact location to be announced in follow up email before event


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KCD Native Plant Sale

Thank you to everyone who purchased native trees, shrubs and groundcovers this year. Almost 68,000 native plants in 1,060 orders were distributed to 1082 customers.

Preorders for the 2024 Native Plant Sale will open in late 2023.

See the KCD Native Plant Sale Store offerings

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KCD holds a variety of workshops and volunteer events. Workshops include information on native plants, creating healthy streams and shorelines, farm conservation management, wildfire preparedness, and more!

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Getting Involved

with you

At King Conservation District, we’re all about better ground. Better ground means taking important stewardship actions at home and in our communities to create healthy soil and water, to provide healthy food, and to conserve land, water, forests, wildlife and related natural resources. And you don’t have to go at it alone. You have a partner, your local conservation district.

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