December 2014 Stream Steward Training

Join the King Conservation District for an introductory training to our Stream Steward Program. Learn about becoming a Stream Steward, stream safety, E. coli testing, and an introduction to the water quality testing kits. Meet current Stream Stewards.

Help your local community by volunteering monthly to test water quality parameters on Boise Creek in Enumclaw.

Benefits of becoming a KCD Stream Steward include:

  • Learning how to test for:
    • E. coli
    • Water and Air Temperature
    • Turbidity
    • pH
    • Dissolved Oxygen
    • Nitrates
    • Qualitative stream observations
  • Conducting wildlife habitat assessments
  • Presenting your findings to agency experts and your community
  • Receiving FREE training on budding environmental topics:
    • Salmon identification
    • Knotweed removal
    • Well and septic care/maintenance
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