April 2015 Stream Stewards Update!

April Showers!

It looks like the early part of April will be cooler and wetter than it has been in March.

New kit components have been arriving and Kit #5 should be assembled and ready to use very soon. When checking out kits, please take the kit on the top of the clean stack in the Treatment Plant. Even if your “favorite” kit is clean on the bottom. This will help distribute the wear and tear on the kits a bit more evenly. Kit #1 has seen the most use, and while it’s still a very happy kit, it could use a break from time to time. All of the kits should have identical components in them now, and they all should be well-stocked. If you encounter a problem with one, please let us know.

Future Events and Training

Google Calendar Training
We will be looking to plan a get-together to go over the Google Calendar scheduling for those that have had difficulty using it.

Spring Training for New Stream Stewards

We will be scheduling a training for May or June. If you know know someone that would be interested in attending, please be sure to let them know once we share the event registration link.

New Tool!

 YSI ProODO Handheld Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter We have a new piece of equipment to use! For those folks doing E. coli testing, we now have a special new unit that will quickly take multiple parameters. The YSI ProODO Handheld Optical Dissolved Oxygen Field Kit will be very helpful to get additional information while also taking multiple E. coli samples on a particular day. Once we have ironed out the process, we will offer an Advanced Stream Steward Training Event to teach everyone how to use this piece of equipment. For more information about D.O. check out this great resource: The Dissolved Oxygen Handbook And also check out http://www.YSI.com/weknowDO

Thank you!

Please keep testing! And please remember to send e-mail to the SS address at least a week before you plan on testing with your planned testing dates if you can’t add them to the Google Calendar. If you need anything at all, please just send an e-mail to streamstewards@kingcd.org and someone will get back to you shortly.


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