Debbie Meisinger

Program Manager
Riparian Habitat Stewardship

O: 425-282-1923

C: 425-773-8029

Debbie Meisinger is a returning veteran of KCD, having served as a Project Specialist from 2001-2008. She rejoins the district in 2016 after a whirlwind series of adventures took her to faraway lands and recently back to Washington. Debbie’s current position at the District involves planning and implementing marine and freshwater shoreline enhancement projects. In addition to her career at KCD, Debbie has also worked as a microbiologist, chemist, a restoration ecologist for a private forestry company, a residential gardener, and apprenticed in blacksmithing and medicinal herb farming. Her education includes a BS degree in Biology and Environmental Studies from Ohio University, certification in Wetland Science and Management from the University of Washington, River Restoration Professional Certification from Portland State University and has obtained ISA Certified Arborist credentials. When not trampling through fields and forests for work, Debbie enjoys quality indoor time, designing quilt patterns and making medicinal herb potions while binge-watching television programs.

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