Jay Mirro

Senior Resource Specialist, Rural Land Stewardship

C: 425-773-8097 – jason.mirro@kingcd.org

Jay Mirro has served the people and resources of King County as a resource planner since 2000. He has visited thousands of farms and has written over 650 farm plans. Jay has practical and academic expertise on conservation practices and enjoys helping landowners meet their goals while protecting the environment — “saving the world, one farm at a time.” He grew up in rural New Jersey, working on horse and llama farms, and then studied Livestock and Range Management at the University of Idaho. Jay and wife Ellen own a 34-acre farm in Maple Valley. He looks forward to sharing with you the conservation practices he has installed around his farm on the next farm tour. When not farm planning farms, Jay enjoys managing his own farm, planting trees, history, travel, gardening, hiking and stewarding his two sons as they start their lives.

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