KUOW Spotlight: Duwamish Gardens in Tukwila

King Conservation District and the City of Tukwila recently partnered to create over two acres of new habitat along the Duwamish River. Duwamish Gardens, located in Tukwila, now serves as a rest-stop for Chinook Salmon and other wildlife as they make their journey up the Duwamish River. A variety of native plants and wood were installed to create habitat for birds and pollinators.

Duwamish GardensOne quarter acre of mudflat, a half-acre of inter-tidal marsh, and one and a third acres of riparian and upland habitat were created and are open to the public. The habitat improvements include a variety of perennial and woody native plants, nearly 30 pieces of anchored large woody debris and habitat snags. These improvements are protected with goose exclusion fencing and split rail fencing to deter people from walking through the restoration area.

The Gardens include passive recreational, water access, and interpretive elements for visitors. People can enjoy a walk along a park trail with three viewpoints of the river and restoration site with signage that describes the cultural heritage of the site and the reasons for restoration. A 5-car parking area, bike rack and informational kiosk welcome visitors.

The Gardens provide habitat to threatened Puget Sound Chinook salmon, as well as other fish and wildlife species whose habitat is threatened in this urban environment.

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