KUOW Spotlight: Zackuse Creek

After many years of assessments and feasibility studies, the City of Sammamish, in partnership with KCD, the Kokanee Work Group of WRIA 8, Snoqualmie Tribe, King County Parks, Trout Unlimited, and private property owners, have begun the Zackuse Creek Fish Passage and Stream Restoration project.

KCD awarded a $280,000 Member Jurisdiction grant for this project. The total project cost is $2,250,028.00. KCD’s funding contribution of 12% of the project cost leverages 88% match from the City and multiple King County funding sources.

With this funding, the City will construct a new fish passable culvert under East Lake Sammamish Parkway and restore 400 linear feet upstream of the culvert using native plants. Two additional fish passable culverts located downstream from the project are being designed by King County. The objective of the overall project is to provide full fish passage to new spawning habitat for native Kokanee salmon and help restore Kokanee population numbers in Lake Sammamish.

City of Sammamsh Staff Contact; Tawni Dalziel, Senior Stormwater Program Manager, P.E., 425-295-0567

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