KUOW Spotlight: Delridge Wetlands Restoration and Stewardship Project

As heard on KUOW.org 94.9The Delridge Wetland and Stewardship Project is a recipient of a 2018 KCD-Seattle Community Partnership Grant, which funds projects that incorporate both natural resource improvement and environmental equity goals. The program advances the City of Seattle’s Equity and Environment Initiative and KCD’s natural resource priorities by funding projects that build community awareness about environmental issues, manage stormwater with green infrastructure, protect and restore water bodies, build healthy soil, support the urban forest and a sustainable local food system.

The Delridge Wetland and Stewardship Project will help restore and improve wetland functionality and substantially improve wetland hydrology and the quality of water entering Longfellow Creek. It would construct a bio-filtration swale on the perimeter of the wetland to pre-treat stormwater before it enters the wetland. It proposes to collaborate with SDOT and SPU in the design and construction of a series of bioswales, as well as provide opportunities for local area schools to participate in the design of the Delridge Wetland Park. It would support teachers in developing Next Generation Learning Standards, by bringing classrooms to the project site and having students take specific measurements of water, soil, plants and to record their samples. The Park will be designed with garden beds and an orchard and partner with Tilth Alliance to grow and distribute food through programs that serve low-income households.

Visit Delridge Wetland and Stewardship Project to learn more.

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