Tree Canopy Planner Tool Available for South King County Cities

KCD is pleased to share access to urban tree and canopy planning software and a new tutorial video on how to use this software to explore tree canopy information for local communities. KCD has partnered with 19 municipal jurisdictions since 2015 in King County to expand conservation of urban tree canopies and grow green infrastructure by supporting, providing, and collaborating on tree canopy assessments.

This valuable web-based tool helps cities and their communities View, Plan and Grow their urban tree canopy. Plan-It Geo hosts the Canopy Planner software that displays tree canopy data via maps and supports analysis and modeling so that communities can plan and prioritize tree canopy and urban forest enhancement projects.

  1. The View tool component of Canopy Planner allows users to easily choose a geographic scale and display % metrics or filter data with slider bars.
  2. Plan is a GIS-based prioritization tool with designated weights on city-specified criteria (ex. existing tree canopy, plantable space, and stormwater priorities.
  3. The Grow tool allows users to create canopy cover and planting scenarios in the map and save scenario reports.

You’re invited to explore the tool by visiting Canopy Planner Tool.

For more information about the South King County Tree Canopy Assessment Initiative visit this blog post.


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