2019 Board of Supervisors Candidate Statement – Kirstin Haugen

2019 Board of Supervisors Candidate - Kirstin Haugen
Kirstin Haugen

King Conservation District is an invaluable community asset, stewarding our natural resources. But much has changed since 1939 when it was first conceptualized. We must do even more to confront climate change, dwindling salmon populations, and polluted rivers and streams.

Unfortunately, KCD is limited by structural issues:


KCD is funded by a flat, per parcel, fee, regardless of parcel size or value. The flat fee places too much of the burden on working families. I support increased KCD funding and will seek legislation for a less regressive tax base.


KCD is facing a budgetary shortfall – increased financial oversight and greater transparency is needed to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.


Ballots for KCD elections are by request only with most voters completely unaware of the process. It is imperative we find a legislative solution to place board of supervisor elections on the regular ballot.

Throughout my career, I have worked on rural development, environmental preservation, and public policy – as staff to two King County Councilmembers, a Cascadia College trustee, a 4Culture boardmember, and a King County Charter Review commissioner. As a member of the board of supervisors, I will invest my experience and passion to help guide KCD into the future.

Thank you,

Kirstin Haugen

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