2019 Board of Supervisors Candidate Statement – Chris Porter

2019 Board of Supervisors Candidate - Chris Porter
Chris Porter

My name Chris Porter and I am running for King Conservation District Supervisor. As a beekeeper, I know that a cleaner, healthier environment for the survival of bees is necessary. Bees are a critical component in sustaining our food chain. They are also like the “canary in the coal mine” – and their survival is at great risk, along with the fruit we grow on our trees, the vegetables we plant in our garden, and the crops our farmers plant and harvest to feed us all. More than one out of 3 bites of food we eat is there because of pollinators such as bees.

As a King Conversation District Supervisor, I will raise awareness among all citizens of how vital bees are for the survival of our environment. Hundreds of thousands of species of plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and spices around the world require pollination. They require clean water and pollen free from pesticides. What happens to our water sources, the plants we plant in our gardens and farms, and the use of pesticides, all play a major role in the declining population of bees.

The King Conservation District is an essential link in informing citizens about how they can protect and preserve our environment. As Supervisor, I will ensure resources are available to protect waterways for salmon, improve our water sources, keep the beaches clean, support sustainable farms, and to support citizens dealing with flooding and slope erosion, or are starting sustainable gardens. We owe it to future generations to do all we can to ensure bees and our environment can survive and thrive.

My name is Chris Porter and I ask for your vote.


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