Envirothon we know all about… but what is Bird-a-thon?

King Conservation District’s education team has been busy putting on local Envirothon both regionally and statewide. It is a competition of teams of high school student, that would not be possible without the help of other conservation districts and technical experts in soil, forestry, aquatics and wildlife.

With all that is happening for Envirothon, little did we know that Seattle Audubon has a Bird-a-thon? Much different than Envirothon, their event is for all ages in the public and serves to raise funds for local work that supports restoration and bird habitat. Throughout May a individual can select a 24-hour period and be challenged to see as many birds as possible. Participants requests other to commit to giving dollar for every bird seen and documented. Check their calendar for Bird-a-thon and other events.

With the dedication to protection, restoration, and preservation of natural habitat for birds and wildlife, Seattle Audubon Society was a great partner in bringing two nests for display in the Better Ground Garden. This garden display represented conservation districts around Puget Sound at the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival. A robin nest and was hidden in the thicket of branches of the Douglas fir and a hummingbird nest was in the Indian plum. Only a few people noticed them, but those that did were amazed! Native plants in your backyard help protect, feed and support birds and wildlife in our area. Below you’ll find images of a robin nest and a hummingbird nest.

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