Volunteer Spotlight – Huntington Park

Residents from Huntington Park West volunteer at KCD’s Native Plant Nursery every fall and earn native plants to restore their native greenbelt. Since 2013, the Huntington Park volunteers have donated over 85 hours to help maintain the stock of native plants for restoration projects at KCD’s Nursery.

Following recommendations made by KCD staff, along with their group’s collective expertise in native plants, the volunteers maintain over a mile of trail where they plant native trees and shrubs each year. At the beginning of 2019, they traded in their native plant credits for Pacific madrone trees, evergreen huckleberry shrubs, and vine maple trees that will be added to their greenbelt trail system. The volunteers created informative native plant signs to place along the trail next to their plantings.

Volunteers at KCD’s Native Plant Nursery earn native plants to use in their landscaping or restoration projects. Register for an upcoming event to earn free native plants!

  • Huntington Park Maple Trail
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