City of Tukwila: Green Tukwila Implementation, 2018-2019

2018-2019 – $47,400

The Green Tukwila Program was adopted by Tukwila City Council on March 6, 2017. A 20-Year Stewardship Plan was developed to guide the overall program. As this is a new program to the city, this grant project will focus on outreach, supporting and developing stewards, and beginning the boots-on-the-ground work through volunteer events. This project initially focuses on three sites: Tukwila Park, Crystal Springs Park, and the S 128th Parcel.

The goal of the on site work is to take portions of all three sites through the four phases of restoration. All three sites are currently in crisis due to English ivy, Himalayan blackberry and knotweed. In 2018, the Green Tukwila Partnership lead by Tukwila Parks and Recreation also started educating the public and inviting volunteers to participate in restoration of these three sites. Volunteers will worked on Phase 1 (invasive removal) and Phase 2 (planting) of the four phases of restoration. Volunteers were taught the impact of invasive plant species on native plants, how to recognize invasive species, how to remove invasive species, how to use tools, safe practices and equipment and the importance of healthy, sustainable forests in the urban landscape.

For more information contact: Robert Eaton, 206-433-7157

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