Des Moines Farmers Market: Senior Healthy Eating Initiative

City of Des Moines – 2019 – $9100


This unique program helps King County low-income senior participants purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, bread and other qualifying food items at the Des Moines Farmers Market with free, weekly $10 tokens.

Our seniors are a valued part of our communities, but many of them find it difficult to make ends meet. Quality fresh food is often at a premium at grocery stores, and some have to choose between quality or price, or even go without. Additionally, since the QFC in downtown Des Moines closed a couple of years ago, a greater part of the area has become more food insecure than previously, with access to only convenience store-type groceries for those without reliable vehicle transportation. Many of the seniors who visit the Market are brought by bus from a retirement community, and would not be able to make it up to Pacific Highway to the larger grocery stores.

For more information contact: Kim Richmond, 206-595-9971

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