King County WRIA 9, McSorley Creek Shoreline & Pocket Estuary Restoration Project


Field assessments, analysis, modeling, and 30% design work to support the development of a salmon habitat restoration project including shoreline and pocket estuary restoration at Saltwater State Park. Field assessments include McSorley Creek habitat assessment and mapping, wetlands delineation, eelgrass and nearshore habitat characterization, geotechnical assessment, and structural assessment of existing features in the park. The analysis and modeling cover coastal processes, sea level rise analysis and considerations, McSorley Creek hydraulic analysis, upland/park conveyance requirements, and a constructability assessment. Thirty percent design work includes Draft Basis of Design report, ADA review, preliminary cost estimate, and baseline schedule for upland/park redevelopment.

The entire project through construction is estimated to cost $11 million. The project will improve natural shoreline processes and habitat opportunities in the McSorley Creek estuary and Puget Sound shoreline areas within Saltwater State Park through removal of creek and shoreline armoring. Currently, these areas are extensively modified in ways that significantly impair stream and nearshore habitats and processes.

This project is important and unique because there are very few opportunities remaining to restore such a large area (1,000 feet) of shoreline in Puget Sound. The project not only impacts the immediate vicinity, but it improves nearshore sediment transport in the surrounding drift cell.

For more information contact: Jennifer Vanderhoof, 206-477-4840

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