Mackey Creek Rehabilitation, City of Redmond, 2019



In 2018, the City of Redmond created a new stream channel in Farrel-McWhirter Park along Mackey Creek by removing fish barriers, improving riparian conditions and enhancing in-stream habitat. The project included grading a new Mackey Creek channel to improve sediment transport and enhance in-stream habitat, installing log and boulder grade controls to stabilize the eroding stream channel, installing large woody debris to enhance in-stream habitat, removing invasive vegetation, plant native vegetation, replacing one fish barrier culvert and daylighting a second fish barrier culvert. The project was divided into two phases. The first phase will be done downstream of Charlotte’s trail bridge by a contractor. The second phase will be upstream of Charlotte’s trail bridge and will be completed by City and WCC crews.

For more information contact: Tom Hardy, 425-556-2900.

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