KCD Native Plant Sale DIY Success Stories – Erin Estes

Hillside and trail after planting
Before planting
Hillside and trail before planting.

Not all projects require big plans and big crews. KCD wants to recognize the DIYers who have taken it upon themselves to improve their landscapes. These projects got initial support from KCD through our education events, workshops, or plant sales. We’re proud to help empower people to take charge of restoring their environment.

Erin Estes and her partner used plants from the 2019 KCD Native Plant Sale and Community Fair for a DIY project on a property with a steep hillside and trail overrun with invasive species.

Hillside and trail after planting
Hillside and trail after planting.

The two of them were careful to remove the invasive plants from the property and replace them with mostly native plants picked up at KCD’s Native Plant Sale. Now, the once overrun hillside has been replanted with salal, kinnikinnick, sword ferns, evergreen huckleberry, serviceberry and beaked hazelnut. In total, the project has added around 100 native plants to the property.

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