Hazel Valley Community Garden Work Party

Thank you to all the volunteers who showed up to help!

King Conservation District was out helping the Hazel Valley Community Garden with a fun event, just one of many, that are going into making this community garden a success. The garden aims to improve stormwater mitigation, increase food access, bring neighbors together, and build healthy soil. KCD and Stone Soup Gardens held a learn and volunteer day covering stormwater management and composting where volunteers received hands-on experience building garden beds and using hügelkultur mounds to fill them. Lunch was provided by a volunteer from Highline United Methodist Church where the garden is located, in Burien.

Designer and general contractor Jake Harris, of Stone Soup Gardens, gave a tour of the space and led volunteers in building Faswall Green Beds. These beds are made with recycled concrete and wood pallets and have a life span four times longer than standard wooden raised beds.

We finished building all the raised beds!
We finished building all the raised beds!

Volunteers also learned how to build soil, retain moisture, encourage biological activity, and increase growing yield using hügelkultur mounds. The layers of the hügelkultur mound consist of greens and browns, such as woody debris, leaves, burlap, cardboard, grass clippings, coffee grounds, and compost.

Participants also learned how to apply a quick release of available nitrogen to garden plants from Melissa Tatro, former KCD Community Agriculture Coordinator, through chicken poo tea.

This garden is the result of multiple work parties and efforts from a wide array of community partners and organizations. Hazel Valley Community Garden is near project completion of phase 1 thanks to United Methodist Church, Stone Soup Gardens, Weed Warriors, King Conservation District, and Tilth Alliance Soil and Water Stewards.

We toured the two rain gardens with native plants have been installed. The edible plants in the rain gardens and hedgerows will provide many delicious perennials such as blueberries, Gumi berries, strawberries, and nodding onions. Phase 2 of the project will include two cisterns, fencing, a shed, and more edible plants in the fall.

There is still a lot of work to be done to make the garden ready in time for growers this season. If you are interested in helping finish filling the raised beds with soil, and spread mulch with a volunteer group contact Anna Beebe at outreachip@kingcd.org. We appreciate your help seeing this project to completion!

Want to get involved with KCD volunteer projects? Join us today to plant native plants, build a community garden, and more!

Anna Beebe, AmeriCorps Individual Placement, Community Engagement

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