Boeing Staff Support KCD Native Plant Nursery

WPC Boeing Volunteer Weeding

Thank you to the finance team from Boeing for volunteering at KCD’s Native Plant Nursery. Boeing staff walked over from their Renton offices to the Nursery to help weed over 1000 potted plants on a sunny June afternoon. Trees and shrubs from the Nursery will be used on habitat restoration projects across King County this fall. Volunteers play an important role at the Nursery in helping ensure that only the healthiest plants make it onto KCD projects.

WPC Boeing Volunteer

Volunteers can also earn native plants to use on their projects or in landscaping by volunteering at the Nursery. We rely on the support of volunteers to keep the plants and nursery ground maintained. If you would like to bring a group out to the nursery or another KCD restoration project, sign up to volunteer at an upcoming event.

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