Mercer Island Students Help Enhance Pine Creek

Students from the City of Mercer Island VOICE Program volunteered their time to support a KCD Urban Shoreline project in Sammamish. The students carefully laid out cardboard and mulch around young native plants along Pine Lake Creek to suppress the tall grasses and help retain moisture. They learned about the many functions of native plant buffers along shorelines and the importance of native plants. During the event, we were visited by the community leader with the Home Owners Association that KCD partnered with to implement the project. She shared her story about organizing her neighbors to work with KCD and how the site used to be covered in sprawling blackberry brambles and English Ivy overtaking the tall trees along the creek. The team made it through 10 cubic yards of mulch protecting the many types of native trees and shrubs that will make this site a more healthy and resilient ecosystem.

If you have a group that would be interested in volunteering on a KCD project, find out more here.

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