Zachary Bergen

Program Coordinator, Riparian Habitat Stewardship

C: 425-529-3091 –

Zachary Bergen serves as KCD’s Riparian Habitat Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) Coordinator.

CREP works with producers who own properties identified by the State as high-priority conservation areas and uses funds to address those concerns. In exchange for removing environmentally sensitive land from production and establishing permanent resource protection areas, farmers and ranchers are paid an annual rate as an incentive. Participation is voluntary, and the contract period is typically 10 to 15 years. Zachary came to KCD to help provide stewardship for water, fish, and wildlife through CREP.

Zachary previously managed a multi-year riparian buffer program, planting more than 500,000 native trees and shrubs along 30 stream miles in the Clackamas River Watershed in Oregon. Throughout his career, he has been a part of many interdisciplinary teams of natural resource professionals providing site-specific solutions to natural resource issues. Zachary is excited to be a part of KCD’s team, looks forward to meeting new landowners, and work with them to implement new projects.

When not working with landowners on CREP projects, Zachary enjoys adventuring with his wife and daughter, swimming where ever he can, and playing with his Labrador Retrievers.

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