Streamside Tour of Renton/May Creek Area Restoration Project


Just upstream of Lake Washington, a community situated along May Creek is interested in managing invasive weeds and protecting fish and wildlife habitat. In 2018, Barbee Mill Homeowners Association’s Maria Moss attended KCD’s Beautify and Care for your Streamside Property workshop to learn how to properly manage the stream.

Moss brought back information on how to restore stream habitat using native plants that provide habitat and protect water quality. Moss also learned how conservation districts help private landowners steward natural resources on their property.


The Barbee Mill community has four parcels of privately-owned land along May Creek. After the class, Maria reached out to KCD’s resource planner, Ashley Allan, to schedule an technical assistance site visit for the homeowners. From there, they decided to take on installing a buffer of native trees and shrubs on the southern shore of the stream. This complements work already taken by the community’s stewardship team on the northern end. KCD began working on the project near the end of 2018 and completed it in Spring of 2019.

Coming full circle, the community is now hosting its own education event for streamside homeowners on Saturday, September 28. KCD will present information on invasive weed management, native plant selection, and how to care for your waterway on your own or with KCD. The Barbee Mill community and KCD will be leading a tour through the project site.


There are no upcoming Events at this time.

Kristen McCune, KCD Education Project Coordinator

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