Slideshow: Put Native Plants to Work on Your Horse Property

Do you have questions about how native plants can be used around your horse property? In this slide show Alayne Blickle of Horses For Clean Water shares ideas on some of the best uses and appropriate species.

Put Native Plants to Work on Horse Properties

Native plants have evolved over thousands of years, adapting to the geography, hydrology, and climate of their region, co-evolving with animals, fungi, and microbes, becoming the foundation of our natural ecosystems. As a result, a community of native plants provides habitat for a variety of native wildlife species from larger mammals such as deer and elk to smaller ones like songbirds, chorus frogs, butterflies, and even native pollinating insects. Because native plants are adapted to climate and weather patterns that means they don’t require money and time to help them along nor pesticides or fertilizers, further reducing environmental impacts.

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All photos and captions copyright Alayne Blickle, Horses For Clean Water and used with permission unless otherwise noted.

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